Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Artwork for At Ease with the Dead

This was the second in an ongoing series of award-winning supernatural anthologies published by Ash-Tree Press. The image was lovingly re-purposed by: 1) splitting a single illustration--an old cover for Weird Tales--into two panels; 2) removing a monster; 3) adding skeletal figures. Photoshop made this possible. But purist illustrators dislike Photoshop. Purists believe that hand-crafted images are more worthy than digitally-enhanced images (which shouldn't be confused with computer-generated images). In this instance the source image was a hand-painted watercolor. Ultimately, the virtual tools in Photoshop require delicate flexions of wrists and fingers . . . the same physical actions that a watercolorist experiences when painting with brushes manufactured by Winsor-Newton.

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