Monday, January 7, 2008

William Hope Hodgson Books

A few years ago Night Shade Books requested a silver foil illustration for a five-volume collection of William Hope Hodgson's fiction. Much of Hodgson's fiction refers to the sea (he was a sailor) so an imaginative map seemed appropriate. One version of the illustration, with more details and finer lines, was used for the frontispiece. Details were simplified--and the lines thickened--for the dust jacket version which was printed with silver foil. The result was appealing enough to inspire another publisher to contact me about their "silver-foil" dust jacket, an opportunity that I declined. Preparing artwork for silver-foil printing is boring and interferes with my idiosynchratic style of drawing.


Todd T said...

These works may be boring to prepare but they are spectacular to view. They have texture, detail, interest, where most attempts by others, I'm guessing, would have been fairly simple and blunt.

Knygatin said...

Please help me identify a few of the creatures in the frontispiece illustration, and in which stories these creatures appear.

1. In the lower left corner there is a tall humanoid standing knee-deep in the water, having a cone-shaped head.
2. Below him there is a goat-like creature.
3. To the right of this goat-creature, across the water, on the peninsula, there is a shapeless creature meeting with a man outside a wood.
4. At the stern of the big ship sits a huge pig-like demon or something, dressed in some 13th century royal dress, gesturing with its right hand.